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Avionic Instruments’ Acme Aerospace division specializes in Fiber-Nickel-Cadmium (FNC) battery technology.  Acme designs, builds and manufactures batteries, battery chargers, battery control units, battery relay control units, emergency battery backup systems and more. For reliable power, aircraft manufacturers and operators, both commercial and military, turn to Avionic Instruments and Acme to help meet mission-critical applications.


In July 2009 Transdigm acquired the Acme Aerospace division from Acme Electric Corporation. Acme Aerospace Inc. has been designing and manufacturing lightweight, high power battery chargers, power supplies and backup power systems since the 1970's. Utilizing advanced switching converter technology; Acme's chargers are commonplace throughout the aerospace market in applications utilizing lead-acid, vented nickel-cadmium, lithium, and fiber nickel-cadmium (FNC) battery technologies.

In addition to the advanced power conversion, Acme chargers offer improved levels of battery control for optimum battery operation and life. Acme Aerospace chargers have been OEM selection for the Boeing 777, MD-90, Canadair RJ, Challenger, and Waterbomber, Fokker F50, F70, and F100. In the military market, Acme Chargers have been designed and are in operation on T-45, Apache A, and F-16, F-117 and F18 E/F aircraft.

Acme Aerospace also designs and manufactures Fiber Nickel Cadmium (FNC) batteries for use in commercial and military applications. Acme’s patented sealed FNC batteries form the basis of an advanced power system that has been chosen for such high-profile uses as the Boeing 777, Boeing Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter and numerous space vehicles.

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